Monday, September 14, 2009

Amanda Yogendran, co-founder of the Rose Charities Sri Lanka University Scholarship Program

Amanda Yogendran

Amanda and he friend Chais together founded the Rose Charities Sri Lanka University sponsorship program Originally named 'UniversiTEA' to incorporate sponsorship from some of the Sri Lanka tea companies, the girls saw how pivotally important it was for young people to be able to achieve higher education. They saw that a degree or diploma will lift the recipient, their families and children (then or future) out of poverty and dependency , probably forever.

In addition Amanda and Chais realized that graduates have the power to influence their communities and inspire their own generation to greater achievement and education levels for a greater quality of life for all. The sad fact was however that many highly talented students, even having been offered places at university (where tuition is free), were still not able to attend, simply because they could not afford he living costs. Such costs include, accommodation, food, books and study materials, transport etc.

Amanda and Chais project has been in operation now for 4 years with Rose Charities Sri Lanka and over 60 students have been assisted or have qualified since then. It is one of the most popular of all the Rose Charities programs.