Monday, September 7, 2009

Prof. Elizabeth Hillman (Order of Canada)

Elizabeth Hillman grew up in Northern Ontario where she lived in and attended School in School Car no.1 (a railway car converted into a school and home) for Fred Sloman, her father, who taught children in the northlands for forty years, where there were no schools or roads She was admitted to Medical School at UWO and graduated in 1951. My postgraduate training in paediatrics was at UWO, McGill, Great Ormond St. Hospital in London, England; Harvard, and the Liverpool School of Tropical Health. She became Director of Ambulatory Paediatrics including Emergency, management of Child Abuse, and the Poison Control Centre at McGill's Montreal Childrens' Hospital for 20 years including 4 years in Kenya with the McGill - Kenya CIDA funded Project to develop a Paediatric program at the University of Nairobi. Elizabeth and her husband Don moved to Newfoundland where Don was Chair of Paediatrics and subsequently taught for three years at the University of Sains Malaysia, McMaster, and many other international assignments together in medical education in Bhutan, Laos, Viet Nam, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda etc.

In 1994 Dean Seely at U d'Ottawa asked Don and Elizabeth to come as faculty Professors to help develop international health undergraduate and postgraduate learning at U d'O. They were both cross-appointed in Paediatrics and Epidemiology and Community Health. Elizaberh was the first woman President of the Medical Council of Canada and both she and Don were both active in the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics where they were both consultants to the Executive Committee of the AAP Section on International Child Health.

Elizabeth and Don were were both awarded the Order of Canada in 1994, and awards from the Royal College . Don My husband died in July 2006 and Elizabeth and her family founded the Hillman Medical Education Fund (HMEF) , entrusting it to be administered through Rose Charities Canada

Prof. Elizabeth and Don Hillman's work for Canada and the world of pediatrics, medical and health worker training, and almost every aspect of child, mother and family medicine has been massive. Rose Charities is truly honoured to be be associated with Elizabeth and her late husband and to help administer the Hillman Medical Education Fund ( click to contact )

Professors Don and Elizabeth Hillman