Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liese Groot Alberts. Grief, Trauma, and Hope Counselor

Liese Groot Alberts is one of very few specialist grief and trauma counselors working with Rose Charities (and others) see www.LieseGrootAlberts.com . She has considerable international experience in Europe, Asia, Australia and her home New Zealand (Auckland) She trained initially with Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross. For many years she was pivotal in the 'Starfish' program of introducing palliative care into hospitals in the Philippines, an area very much neglected in the majority of developing (and many developed) countries. She has conducted seminars and trained counsellors in Malaysia, Hongkong and India. At the time of writing (October 09) she is in post tsunami Samoa, carrying out training of local counselors, assisting victims directly and conducting workshops.