Thursday, February 23, 2012

Louis Lap Nguyen: co-founder of Rose Charities Vietnam

Louis Lap Nguyen: Co founder of Rose Charities Vietnam.

(extract from a letter from Louis to a friend.. it so well describes the Rose Charities principles...)

"Like yourself and many other Vietnamese overseas, I wanted to give back. When i sat down and thought about How, I recognize that most VN oversea simply do this on their own, often on trip either alone or with small group....kind of a personal mission and there are plenty of examples like this...building bridges, dropping off supplies, visiting orphanages...etc... these are all good and entirely out of great generousity. The personal mission feels good, however, there is limitation to how many trip a small group or an individual could make to VN and overseeing project from a distance through relatives also present its own challenges, not to mention some group were minimally assisted by the local government. Continuity and sustainable impact to the people being helped inevitably hit a road block at some point. 

Long story short, I wanted to have a solution...and sought out to establish Rose VN with a vision to unite generous individuals under one roof and pool our effort, resources and finance to do projects that are sustainable, authorized, and low to zero cost. All these came together when I met some Rose Charities supporters in VN and proposed to establish the VN Chapter. Rose Charites International had 3-4 other locations at that time. It is now present in 13 different countries..

For VN, I made sure that we are authorized to do charity in Vn and so took the painful route of registering with the governent of VN in Hanoi...It took 9 months. I submitted every single document as requested until the application was accepted.. So we are registed in VN and Canada and everywhere else we operate. Next, i wanted to ensure that 100% or nearly that of the donation will go directly to programs without administration cost. So, I made sure that our volunteers were just that: volunteers. I am very proud of the dedication in our volunteers and members. The office is entirely personal address and we use personal phone for contacts. None of us have salaries or any form of compensation. It is entirely through volunteerism and Rose VN have six regular members from all walk of life and geography (see Who we are on website). All this so we keep the full donation going to the people in need.

I also wanted Rose VN to be open, welcoming and completely transparent. I wanted donors to have as much say to where they wanted to designate the money to go to and so our donors have all the right to earmark exactly how it is spent. If a donor wanted donation to go to education, there it goes....If a donor wanted donation to go to orphanages...there it goes...etc. If a donor already have program and their own foundation, they can bring it to us and we work with them as partner without losing their program or foundation name. If a partner wanted to become a part of Rose then they are certainly welcomed. The idea is we will work with any one, any group who truely wanted to help people and if people in needs get help, Rose VN is all over that.