Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saluting Charity Rose Laureates 2011 and 2012

All of Rose Charities salute two amazing people who make the world a better place...  bravo Joanna and Andrew.. !!

Charity-Rose Awardees:  2012 Dr Andrew Macnab (African Hearts and
Brighter Smiles Uganda),  2011. Ms Joanna Thomson: Founder  of
Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre

2011:  Joanna Thomson (Australia): Founder of the Rose Cambodia Rehabiliation Centre,  Takmau, Cambodia. 

For her outstanding work to provide physical rehabilitation services
 for the poor both through the founding, development and running of the Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre, and her own unstoppable sense of charity.

2012: Dr Andrew Macnab (Canada):  Founder of African Hearts & Brighter Smiles Uganda Projects.

For unstinting commitment to care for the homeless and disenfranchised youth of Uganda, his love of helping others by passing on his own knowledge and his continual efforts to contribute what he can, where he can to a world of almost  endless need