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Galib Kara: the man of Smiles !

Galib Kara
Galib’s academic career includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from SFU, Diploma in Urban Land Economics from UBC and a Real Estate Analysis Diploma from Langara College. Galib lived in Kampala, Uganda from 1992 to 2004 where he worked as Business Development Manager Africa for Nostrad Telecommunications where he was involved in the design, construction and operational management of a MMDS wireless cable systems in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. He also set up Uganda’s first cinema chain and entertainment centers. He has now relocated to Vancouver, Canada where he is involved in Real Estate and Property management. He spearheaded the Smiles Uganda initiative in 2010 where sponsorships provided for 53 impoverished children in Kampala for the last 4 years having raised over $50,000 for school fees.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Professor Nous Sarom: Cambodian master-surgeon..

Dr Nous Sarom was born November 12,1970 and grew up in a small village, Prek Roka , Kandal Steung District , Province of Kandal 30km south of the Capital City of Phnom Penh, He did his primary school and college at his hometown and his high School at capital city of Kandal province. He completed his medical degree at, Universite de la Science Sante,  in Phnom Penh 1995. From 1996 he was appointed as a member of the medical staff and head of the Surgery Department of Kandal Stung District Hospital , the district of his home area.
Dr Nous  start training (1996-1999 ) in Plastic surgery and Cleft lip/ Cleft palate repair  with Operation Unis,  a Japanese organization  which was the first NGO conducting cleft lip/Palate surgical Missions in Cambodia since 1992 in Dr Nous Kandal Stung Surgical Department .
From  May 1999- March 2003 Dr,Nous was appointed to the  Medical staff of Rose Charities Rehabilitation Center, Kien Kleang ,Phnom Penh and then promoted to  Chief of Surgery of the Center.  He was interviewed for  THE LANCET.Vol359.March 30, 2002.  (  He also gave presented at the Sunnybrook Hosptial, University of Toronto March 2000.
Dr Nous carried undertook further  training through a clinical cleft lip/palate surgery fellowship at Queen Marry Hospital , University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2000 supported by Professor Nabil Samann.   He then  completed  a further 3 year program in Maxillofacial surgery though a fellowship Fellowship  in Thailand which was organized by IAOMS(International Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon) and PSU( Prince of Songkla University), Hatyai, Thailand at the culmination of which in 2004 he gained a Diploma of  Maxillofacial Surgery Diploma
After returning home  ,2004, Dr.Nous was appointed to the surgical staff of Chea Chumneas Referral Hosptial, Takmhmao, Kandal Province.  Shortly after this he was further promote to the position of  deputy director of the entire Chea Chumneas Hospital  .
Around the same time, Dr Nous founded his own rehabilitative surgical project in coordination with and partially supported by Rose Charities. Initially under the name of Operation FIRST, the work both in with Rose and also as an independent organization continues to this day.  Operation FIRST forged many international and local links including with Operation SMILE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  Operation Rainbow Canada and the University of British Columbia.
In 2008, Dr Nous undertook an academic fellowship in plastic surgery at UBC, Vancouver supported and instructed  by Operation Rainbow’s Dr Douglas Courtemanche, Dr Cynthia Verchere, Dr David Naysmith, Dr Kimit Rai, Professor Richart Warrant, Dr. Douglas Caberwise and Dr Nicholas Carr.
Also in 2008 (January) ,2008, Dr.Nous received the award of ‘Credential in Plastic Surgery’ a specialized, and highly valued award of  Operation SMILE.  This was closely followed by a affirmation of worldwide recognition as a cleft surgeon by the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation and The Smile Train Organization.
Attending the Rose Charities International Conference in Penang in Febrary 2008, Dr Nous was at the occasion presented with the 2007 Charity Rose Award for outstanding contribution and dedication to charity.
Dr Nous  traveled as a plastic surgery Consultant with joint the international Surgical Mission (several organization) to India’s, Sikim State,2009  and to Laos Parkse 2010. As a representative of Operation Smile Cambodia he was a valued participant  at the Asia-Pacific Cleft Care conference in Perth March 2011 and the Maxillofacial deformity Conference in October,2011 in Melbourne, Australia.
Since January 2012, he was appointed as Consultant Surgeon to the  staff of Preaket Mealea Hospital, the biggest Military hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia . This hospital provides a range of services, both subsidized (mostly free) for the poor and costed services for others.
Dr Nous is thus, currently  Head of Department of  Maxillofacial, Plastic , Reconstructive and esthetic surgery and a clinical assistant Professor of  Maxillofacial/Plastic surgery . Through him his department maintains and nurtures links with many other organizations both in Cambodia and overseas.  An elective student placement program is run also for medical/surgical students.
Dr Nous maintains has a considerable international background, benefitting from experience both in the industrialized and developing world.  Having performed, taught and organized a huge number of cleft and general rehabilitative surgeries to thousands of patients in considerably varying conditions worldwide his breadth of  knowledge and practical experience are matched by few.   Dr Nous is thus one of Cambodia’s most valued and honoured surgeons but he uses this wealth of experience as much to help those in need as for his own remuneration.
Dr Nous  is current Cambodia representative of the Rose International Council.  He is married with 4 children.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dr David Sabiston - honoured !

Bravo to Dr David Sabiston, of Rose Charities New Zealand !

(click on image to enlarge on your screen) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rose Fellowship for Dr David Sabiston

Dr David 'Sabo' Sabiston
Rose Charities International has conferred Dr David  'Sabo' Sabiston with its top 'Honourary Fellowship' title.  The title is only considered for persons who have had many many years of outstanding charitable efforts in their past, not only for Rose Charities but in any sphere or with any other organization too.  Dr Sabiston of Hamilton, New Zealand, is a most worthy recipient of the title having had a lifetime of helping others worldwide,  Africa to the Pacific Islands in both the delivery and teaching of ophthalmic surgery.

Over the past 10 years Sabo has been helping the Rose Charities Cambodia Sight Centre, both as a Rose Charities New Zealand board member and then continuing after retirement.  The Cambodian operative eye unit was in dire need of assistance in 2002 (having recently been looted of all its equipment by thieves).  John Veale of Chritchurch (optometry)  generously traveled to the center around that time then introduced it to Sabo and Mr Mike Webber (optometry), who then proceeded, year after year,  to assist its re-establishment and re-equipping. With this input the centre has (2012) now treated over 100,000 poor Cambodians and has grown, Directed by one of its founders, Dr Hang Vra, to its position as Cambodia's foremost eye facility.  The efforts of Sabo in this work, in teaching, raising resources and being always being available as a bastion of support has been completely outstanding. Thousands Cambodians have had their lives restored as a direct result.

Mrs Anne George receives
Fellowship title award
on behalf of Sabo in
Penang March 2012
Recently, Dame Silvia Cartwright (Patron of Rose Charities New Zealand and Ex. Governor General of New Zealand) specifically wrote to praise the work of the clinic.
Both Sabo and Mike Webber are also worthy recipients of the New Zealand 'Order of Merit' - one of the highest civilian awards New Zealand offers.

The Rose Charities Fellowship honours Rose Charities in equal measure to the recipient. All members of the network are proud and hounoured by Dr Sabiston accepting this title.   The award ceremony was performed at the IVth Rose Charities International Meeting Penang in March 2012.  Sadly, Sabo was unable to attend himself through health reasons, but Ms Anne George of Rose Charities was able to accept on Sabo's behalf and also read out some much appreciated words from Sabo carried over from New Zealand

'Sabo' teaching in Cambodia 2009

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saluting Charity Rose Laureates 2011 and 2012

All of Rose Charities salute two amazing people who make the world a better place...  bravo Joanna and Andrew.. !!

Charity-Rose Awardees:  2012 Dr Andrew Macnab (African Hearts and
Brighter Smiles Uganda),  2011. Ms Joanna Thomson: Founder  of
Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre

2011:  Joanna Thomson (Australia): Founder of the Rose Cambodia Rehabiliation Centre,  Takmau, Cambodia. 

For her outstanding work to provide physical rehabilitation services
 for the poor both through the founding, development and running of the Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre, and her own unstoppable sense of charity.

2012: Dr Andrew Macnab (Canada):  Founder of African Hearts & Brighter Smiles Uganda Projects.

For unstinting commitment to care for the homeless and disenfranchised youth of Uganda, his love of helping others by passing on his own knowledge and his continual efforts to contribute what he can, where he can to a world of almost  endless need 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christina Leong, Dickson Ho, Jessica Toh and Rose Charities Singapore

Jonathan Riley (UK) and Dickson Ho 
 Rose Charities Singapore debuted at the Rose Charities IV Penang International Meeting and Conference in George Town and Tanjung Bunga from 22 to 25th March 2012.   From the moment of arrival they made their instant mark by contributing ideas, thoughts, wonderful humor and constructive plans and suggestions

Christina Leong, Dickson Ziwei Ho, and Jessica Toh flew in for the first day and were among the most enthusiastic  in attending every presenation, workshop and semin of the entire meeting.  These sessions included sector meetings on Sri Lanka, Hillman Fund (Africa, Pakistan, Cambodia and Afghanistan projects), Vietnam and Cambodia Rehab; workshops on the Logical Framework Approach (Ms Chim Sophak, [Cambodia], Josephine de Freitas and Mrs Maggie Francis [Canada])  and Social Networking .[Ms Rachel Greene USA]

Ms Christina Leong, Dr Will Grut  (Canada)
Ms Jessica Toh 
The Singapore team also contributed greatly to a special panel looking at restructuring of the Rose Charities International board and many of their ideas will be implemented in the coming year.

Rose Charities Singapore's  wonderful generosity was experienced by most of the field projects in the donation of 11 used laptops and a desktop. 9 of these were brought to Penang and presented to the field project representatives of Rose Charities Sri Lanka, Cambodia (including one for the Cambodia Physical Therapy Association), Vietnam, Pakistan (who took one extra for Afghanistan)

Rose Charities Singapore, no only 'hit the ground running' when it came into the network last year, but running at 'supersonic speed'.  Immediately on formation, emergency supplies (a container) were arranged for Thai flood relief, old peoples homes have (and continue to be) visited, parties arranged at childrens homes, and even local animal care assisted.

Clockwise: Christina Leong, Dickson Ho
Ung Sambach (Cambodia), Lee Parker (Aus)
Louis Lap Nguyen (Vietnam) 
The group consists currently of an informal core of friends and colleagues all caring to make the world a better place. While they may apply for formal Singapore registration in the future they will in the mean time simply continue to do what they can for who they can in the spirit of pure charity.

Rose Charities Singapore is an amazing group of people of formidable talent, charity and generosity.  By the end of the meeting they had  made friends of everyone and formulated plans to help several of the field projects. The City State should be very very proud of them indeed...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Penang, March 2012 attendees...

Shanmugalingam Rajeeshan (SL) Anthony Richard (SL)
 Nagamany Parameswaran (SL) Anne Uma George (NZ)

Jonathan Riley (UK), Linda Roberts (Can), Will Grut (Can)
Barbara Reade (UK)

Josephine de Freitas (Can), Jessica Toh (Sing)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trish Gribben, Annette Cave, Ross Hardey: PIF Foundation and Rose Charities N.Z.

Trish Gribben, chairperson Rose Charities NZ, with  Trish Gribben, chairperson Rose Charities NZ, with Annette Cave and local optometrist Ross Hardey   at the "Out of the Darkness" fundraiser held in Whanganui on March 1, 2012. The event, which was organised by one of Rose Charities NZ major benefactors, The PIF Foundation, raised more than $5600 for a truck to bring poor people screened at
 rural outpost eye camps in Cambodia to the Rose Eye Clinic in Phnom Penh.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Anne George: New Zealand

Anne George with family

Anne George.  Rose Charities N.Z

Annes connection with Rose Charities NZ has been through her work with the Poonga School in Auckland.

Poonga was formed in 2003 as a resettlement programme for Tamils living in New Zealand.  As part of Poonga, we now run a preschool, Tamil school, bridging education, youth group and parents group.   The preschool is run under the Ministry of Education.   To ensure effective resettlement, Anne  works with the wider refugee and non-refugee communities throughout New Zealand.   Poonga is run entirely by volunteers.

Anne has been a generous supporter too of Rose Charities Sri Lanka donating her family home in Jaffna for project work to help the community

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Louis Lap Nguyen: co-founder of Rose Charities Vietnam

Louis Lap Nguyen: Co founder of Rose Charities Vietnam.

(extract from a letter from Louis to a friend.. it so well describes the Rose Charities principles...)

"Like yourself and many other Vietnamese overseas, I wanted to give back. When i sat down and thought about How, I recognize that most VN oversea simply do this on their own, often on trip either alone or with small group....kind of a personal mission and there are plenty of examples like this...building bridges, dropping off supplies, visiting orphanages...etc... these are all good and entirely out of great generousity. The personal mission feels good, however, there is limitation to how many trip a small group or an individual could make to VN and overseeing project from a distance through relatives also present its own challenges, not to mention some group were minimally assisted by the local government. Continuity and sustainable impact to the people being helped inevitably hit a road block at some point. 

Long story short, I wanted to have a solution...and sought out to establish Rose VN with a vision to unite generous individuals under one roof and pool our effort, resources and finance to do projects that are sustainable, authorized, and low to zero cost. All these came together when I met some Rose Charities supporters in VN and proposed to establish the VN Chapter. Rose Charites International had 3-4 other locations at that time. It is now present in 13 different countries..

For VN, I made sure that we are authorized to do charity in Vn and so took the painful route of registering with the governent of VN in Hanoi...It took 9 months. I submitted every single document as requested until the application was accepted.. So we are registed in VN and Canada and everywhere else we operate. Next, i wanted to ensure that 100% or nearly that of the donation will go directly to programs without administration cost. So, I made sure that our volunteers were just that: volunteers. I am very proud of the dedication in our volunteers and members. The office is entirely personal address and we use personal phone for contacts. None of us have salaries or any form of compensation. It is entirely through volunteerism and Rose VN have six regular members from all walk of life and geography (see Who we are on website). All this so we keep the full donation going to the people in need.

I also wanted Rose VN to be open, welcoming and completely transparent. I wanted donors to have as much say to where they wanted to designate the money to go to and so our donors have all the right to earmark exactly how it is spent. If a donor wanted donation to go to education, there it goes....If a donor wanted donation to go to orphanages...there it goes...etc. If a donor already have program and their own foundation, they can bring it to us and we work with them as partner without losing their program or foundation name. If a partner wanted to become a part of Rose then they are certainly welcomed. The idea is we will work with any one, any group who truely wanted to help people and if people in needs get help, Rose VN is all over that.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Heidi Krutzen: Music and Malambo

Two of Heidi's available CD's
Heidi Krutzen ,  co-founder of  the the wonderful  Malambo Grassroots Zambia program in Canada , is also one of Canada's leading harpists and Prinicpal Harp of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra  Heidi's glowing musical background and history are well documented. In short she has played, taught masterclasses, recorded, premiered new works and performed all over North America and many places in Europe.  The writer of this piece was fortunate enough to hear Heidi perform with cellist Ariel Barnes as their Couloir Duo playing contemporary pieces by Jocelyn Mortlock, Baljinder Sekhon, Glenn Buhr, and Niclo Muhly. This wonderful concert was also being recorded by CBC.

Heidi co founded Malambo Grassroots along with her mother Coco, and Jocelyn Baynard in 2009 to support the amazing work of Jocelyns aunt in Zambia who runs village health, education and income generation programs. Recently Heidi organized a collection of donated musical instruments and sent them by container to one of Zambia's few music schools for poor children.

Heidi's sister Erica was the first of the Krutzen to become involved with Rose Charities after she had assisted with rehabilitative art therapy for traumatized children in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami.  She has been supporting, volunteering and assisting Rose Charities ever since.   The Krutzens are a truly amazing family, and Rose Charities is incredibly fortunate to be linked with them

Friday, October 28, 2011

Libby Madden (Australia): Joining Rose Vietnam Board !

Libby Madden at Be Tho Orphanage
Rose Charities Vietnam is delighted to welcome Libby Madden to our Board.   Libby and her husband James live in Brisbane, Australia.  They work in the aged care sector to which Libby brings her considerable skills, including degrees in Nutrition and Gerontology.  

Libby went to Vietnam for the first time in 2003 and "fell in love with the country and the people".  She has been back seven times, visiting Rose VN projects in Ho Chi Minh City on a number of those occasions.  Libby has given Rose VN a great deal of support over the years.   

In 2010 Rose Vietnam shifted its focus to Hue, where we now have a number of projects including building houses for the poor, education support, a school for blind adults and income generation. Libby plans to visit Hue in 2012,  (and is currently learning Vietnamese!)   While there she will evaluate a new community development project in Thanh Thien village. 

Libby joins current board members  Mr. Phuoc Chi Nguyen, Louis Lap Nguyen, Hanh-Thuc Nguyen and Jan Johnston.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The wonderful Canadian board of Stand Tall Education, Uganda (Rose Charities Member Project)

Stand Tall Education Uganda, is a fantastic project helping deprived Ugandan kids with education and other skills . Please see their dedicated website for more details (click).  Rose Charities Canada is proud to be associated with Stand Tall Education as one of its finest member projects.


Nicole enjoys learning and new challenges. She has extensive small business experience, both as past owner of two café/restaurants and present owner of Esscurve Fitness. She also has a passion for the arts both as viewer and maker and has completed her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Fine Art. She has volunteered in schools teaching dance and art to children, and in 2008 spent five months in Uganda working with youth. She believes that a good education is a right that has a profound effect on the individual, as well as her community and country. Nicole is the President of STEN and acts as coordinator between the Vancouver and Ugandan teams. She lives in Vancouver and travels to Uganda regularly.

LORISA SCHOUELA, Secretary/Treasurer

Lorisa brings to the team a passion for travel, an interest in foreign cultures and a life-long commitment to serve. Along with her experience in hospice work she is an activist, philanthropist, meditator and humanitarian. She is dedicated to making a difference in this world. She stands by her belief that ultimately what you do determines who you are.

CHLOE BECK, Vice President

Chloe is currently a secondary school counsellor with the Vancouver School Board. She has a teaching degree and a Masters in counselling psychology and has experience teaching and counselling both elementary and secondary school students


Melissa is a small business entrepreneur and co-owner of a women’s fashion boutique in Vancouver. Over the years, she has been involved in charities such as The Mustard Seed, Amnesty International, and Habitat For Humanity. She believes that creating educational opportunities in impoverished areas is the cornerstone for improving lives and communities around the world.


Honey Halpern has worked as a literacy consultant throughout BC and internationally.  She teaches in the Language and Literacy department of the Faculty of Education at UBC and has also taught in elementary and secondary schools in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. She spent the month of October 2010 as a volunteer at Stand Tall Training Center, teaching  child-centered classroom programs and creating a handbook describing her classroom strategies to guide both the regular teachers and future volunteers. One day soon, she hopes to return to the school and continue her work with the teachers and children.


Kareen has 22 years experience as a social worker in community-based social services, child welfare and in the Vancouver school system. Kareen managed the Children Affected by Family Violence Program at Family Services of Greater Vancouver for the past 14 years and most recently has been involved in creating the RSVP program, an early intervention and targeted violence prevention program for at-risk children and youth that is now widely implemented in Vancouver schools. Currently, Kareen is responsible for overseeing the effective development and sustainability of counselling and outreach programs at Family Services of Greater Vancouver’s Kingsway office. Her education and training includes receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia.


Susan Comay is a family doctor in Vancouver. She is the medical manager at the Pine Clinic treating adolescents as well as adults with no medical insurance such as new immigrants and other marginalized patients. She works with the BC Women’s Hospital on-call service for sexually assaulted patients. Born in South Africa her deep connection to the continent has taken her back there frequently both to travel and work. She has worked as a doctor in Tanzania and more recently as a medical volunteer in Ghana.


Claudie is a teacher in the Vancouver public school system, as well as a fibre artist. She has taught for the past 25 years and has brought her art experience to children of all ages as well as to adults. She has also had the opportunity to have several years involvement as an integral member of the Education Department at Or Shalom Synagogue, a Jewish religious institution in Vancouver, BC.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wonderful wedding for a Rose Charities Australia founder.

On October 8th, at beautiful 'Bird in Hand' Winery, in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Sarah Miller wed Gareth Wilson. Sarah was one of the founders of Rose Charities Australia and spent 2 years in Cambodia both mainly with the FDCC Organization but also assisting where she could with Rose Cambodia education and physial rehab projects. She is a trustee of Rose Charities Australia.

Everyone in Rose Charities wishes our couple a lifetime of happiness..

Video - Sarah's father Wayne, accompanies Sarah to meet Gareth.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Copenhagen wedding for Hon Patron of Rose Charities Malaysia

 Hon Patron of Rose Charities Malaysia (Penang), Mr Martin Bek-Neilsen and Tine Madsen married in August, this summer (2011) in Holmens Kirke in beautiful Copenhagen 

All in Rose Charities extend all congratulations to Tine and Martin, and wish them a lifetime of happiness

Pip Neville Barton (Auckland NZ) and Dr Diana Carter (Vancouver, Canada)

Pip Neville-Baron (left), ESL Consultant and director of Rose Charities New Zealand,  in discussions
with Dr Diana Carter (right), Consultant Psychiatrist, Vancouver

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three amazing 'givers' to Cambodia

Three amazing 'Givers' to Cambodia.  Left to right, Dr Hang Vra (Cambodia), Mr Mike Webber (NZ), and 'M' (USA)
Dr Vra has given most of his adult life to helping poor Cambodians with their eye problems. Through hard work he has not become one of Cambodias leading eye specialists. In 2002 his clinic was looted and vandalized by a crooked expatriate, leaving it as a bare shell  Despite this he kept on coming to comfort the throngs of expectant patients who had been deprived of treatment by the looting.
Mike Webber of Wanganui, NZ , consultant optometrist, has contributed huge amounts of time, resources and know-how on a completely voluntary basis to the clinic, flying up from NZ many many times. Without him (and colleagues, Dr David Sabiston and Mr John Veale) the Sight Center would not now exist
'M' an international philanthropist donated the YAG-laser' seen in the background. This remarkable machine revolutionizes the treatment of many post-cataract complications as well as enabling effective treatment of glaucoma.
The good that these three individuals have done for poor Cambodians is outstanding.  Many thousands have benefited: 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teaching team for Sri Lanka: March 2011

Left to right:  Sonya Herndier, Amanda Yogendran, Lawrence Keenan, Josepine de Freitas, Linda Roberts

Professional educator Sonya Herndier and Amanda Yogendran are about to leave for Rose Charities Sri Lanka where they will teach Engilsh and make a curriculum assessment for some of the advanced education programs including those of the Vibe center .  This important inititative has been generously  orchestrated and supported by the Keenans .  Sometime after her return Amanda will be traveling to the UK to carry out advanced studies at the London School of Economics.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dr David Sabsiton (Order of Merit NZ). teaches at the Rose Charities Cambodia Sight Center

Dr David Sabiston a NZ (Hamilton) Ophthalmic Surgeon of unsurpassed international experience. For the past 6 years he has assisted developing establishing the Rose Charities Cambodia Sight Center, generously donating his expertise in teaching and carrying out surgeries. He has organized donations of equipment and funds. Along with colleagues Mr Mike Webber and Mr John Veale, and under the directorship of Dr Hang Vra and his wife Natalia the Rose Sight Center has and established itself as one of Cambodias leading centers for the delivery of sight restoration and blindness prevention for the poor.